About Rebelhack

Giving Businesses The Power To Grow

How it started

Founded in early 2015 by three friends Logan, Duncan, and Anthony, Rebelhack was conceived to help great ideas get above the noise using cutting edge data and analytics modelling mixed with on-demand agile growth marketing strategies and tactics, all available through an easy to use platform. Becoming a valuable component to the growth and success of some of the most innovative businesses around was a core focus from day 1.

We believe the best way to deliver business growth is by getting maximum visibility across marketing, sales and product funnels so that bottlenecks, and therefore growth opportunities, can be identified and addressed quickly with innovative, controlled testing. We provide the tools and high level service to give our partners the visibility they need to understand what their users love, what they hate, and how they behave in and around their product or service.

With this clarity Rebelhack implements strategies and deploy a range of tests to optimise every part of the funnel ensuring that our partners are always evolving to better meet the needs of their customers and the market.

Through our unique combination of technology and personalised service, Rebelhack provides modular growth services through an integrated platform to drive for growth wherever the opportunity exists.

We are a diverse team of professionals spanning all disciples relevant to growth:

Logan Estop-Hall CEO
Logan has founded 4 businesses in different sectors providing him a unique insight into business growth and a wealth of experience on which to lean. He is passionate about helping the best entrepreneurs grow their businesses and impact the lives of millions of people. This is how he plans on making his dent in the universe. If he’s not in the studio you will find him at the skatepark or in the boxing ring.

Duncan McKenna COO
Duncan’s experience spans corporate business development, leading Computer Science teaching teams and now, overseeing all operational aspects of Rebelhack. He brings a keen eye for detail and creative flair to the business ensuring Rebelhack remains lean, agile, and ahead of the curve. A keen cook, Duncan makes lunch for the whole team once a week.

Anthony Rose Data Advisor
Anthony holds a PhD in quantum mechanics from his work on the Atlas project at CERN. Through his work in some of Silicon Valley’s largest companies Anthony has acquired a reputation as a world leading data scientist and machine learning developer. He breathes data and is famed for telling ‘jokes’ through mathematical formula.

Mark Morren Head of Performance Marketing
With 10 years in digital behind him, Mark leads acquisition and thrives on driving aggressive cross channel performance through rigorous target setting. His experience with major brands such as JD Sports, Steigenberger, and Air Arabia mean Mark knows how to build brands and drive efficiency through the funnel. A devoted Watford FC fan, Mark never misses a home game.

Giovanni Perri Growth Hacker
Having worked as both an Account Manager and Marketing Analyst in multinational data and analytics organisations Giovanni has a fierce eye for detail and endlessly inquisitive nature. He is our most prolific tester, constantly discovering and experimenting into new channels to drive business growth.

Frank Chau Data Manager
As a certified ‘Ethical Hacker’ Frank knows a few things about data and system design. Here at Rebelhack he connects the vast and disparate range of data sources that power our growth machine. In his own words he ‘turns data into a story’ that we can understand and act on.

Bryan Blanchot Growth Hacker
Bryan is an incredibly dynamic and multi skilled growth hacker who’s constantly discovering new and innovative marketing technologies to add to our ever evolving growth stack. He is always ahead of the curve with new technology and is a key team player in the Funnel Automation team.

Carly Klineberg Editorial Manager
Carly initially trained as a journalist but has been working in content marketing for the past 5 years. She has a passion for the written word and communicating great ideas in a compelling and empathetic way.

Leslie Buna Team Manager
Leslie ensures that all our internal team management is as tight as our growth processes. With her attention to detail and lightning fast responses to queries she ensures that everyone is always in the right place at the right time.

Margaret Yevtukh Web Analyst
Margaret is a heavyweight web analyst, and travels Europe coaching people at large conferences. She has serious web analytics experience, and is responsible for implementing Rebelhack’s analytics frameworks across a range of platforms, and then leveraging it to provide insights upon which to base our test hypothesis.