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With Rebelhack every channel is at your disposal and every result is visible.

Growth Focussed

Chose the the metrics you want to move and we design an acquisition strategy to aggressively pursue them. Our approach to acquisition is centered on achieving your growth targets with a relentless focus on testing, iteration, and optimisation. Track your channel data and KPIs in real time through the Rebelhack platform to provide maximum visibility on your business's performance.


We are channel agnostic. Our acquisition specialists test any publisher large or small to discover the combination of channels that deliver. We allocate your media budget appropriately across multiple channels to test and validate those that deliver growth for your business. Communicate directly with channel specialists through our platform, providing complete visibility on tests as they are planned, deployed and approved. We never presume to know what channels work until the data is there to prove it.


We deploy analytics audits to determine the goals relevant to your customer acquisition and ensure you have relevant tracking in place to get granular on how your acquisition funnels are performing. Our platform brings together all cost and performance data from any paid channel into an easy to read dashboard; so you can see what is being spent, where it is being spent, and what its delivering.


Conversion rate optimisation is central to Rebelhack acquisition. We go further down the funnel to the acquisition events that matter. We build-out journeys per channel or campaign deploying unique landing pages and running ongoing A/B tests to optimise conversion and reduce cost of acquisition. Review and approve test designs directly from the platform and see results before receiving permanent change recommendations.



When the channel mix is identified we aggressively scale. Our channel experts know how to drive value through publishers to ensure that you get the best possible return from your advertising budgets. Rebelhack’s data driven approach means that you can scale without the guesswork. Review all acquisition test data in one place and retain learning with your experiment archive.

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