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Affiliate publishing deals can be mega useful when it comes to awareness and conversion. If you’re not in the loop, the deal is that you get internet publishers to write about you and link to your site in exchange for (as the O’Jays would say) “money money money, moooooneeeeey!” – The key is, making the most of the deals you have… but how?

Affiliate publishers can be individual bloggers, larger online lifestyle, business or industry mags, social media influencers etc etc – you get the idea.

How do you get affiliate publishing deals?

Many of those publishers may have been specifically hired via platforms like cj.com or awin.com so they can get paid for promoting products! Most of them work with multiple brands but for some of them you may have an exclusive relationship. The thang is, If you’re paying money to get in front of a publishers audience, you obviously want to make sure you’re getting value for £.

How do you get the most out of your money?

We wanted to create an affiliate survey for our partners publishers to understand what motivates them and what they enjoy about working with them. The feedback would help us figure out what kind of incentives would work to secure the best affiliates and keep them engaged in promoting our partners product and service.

We boshed out a survey using Typeform, sent it around and found out some interesting results.


We had 34 responses from our email surveys – these were mostly publishers that specialised heavily on the core subject of our partners business. 

  • Each of the responders worked with less than 10 advertisers on average, highlighting the importance of treating them well. We wouldn’t want to be dropped for someone else!
  • Most of them know about the product our partner offers
  • They would like pre-written blog articles and more product video
  • 75% would attend webinars hosted by our partner
  • We found out their two most popular competitors
  • They would like a tier based commission programme and an activation bonus
  • They’re not so keen on contests
  • Overall they were happy for us to reach out to them, and would be happy to have more guidance from our partner


The resulting data will be used to recruit new publishers and improve performance through the resulting improved affiliate programme value propositions.