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If you’ve ever been looking for a job in hospitality in London, you know it can be arduous. Many jobs are no longer available when you apply, and it’s hard to showcase how great you are as an applicant. On the flipside, it’s really hard for employers to organise their recruitment activity in a vertical that has inherently high churn rates.

Inploi is changing that, being the leading community driven marketplace for employees and employers to find each other in London’s hospitality sector.

What did Inploi need?

In order to continue their dominance in online recruitment within the hospitality sector in London, and scale into their next funding round Inploi needed to aggressively test a range of channels and heavily optimise their website for search engines to make the most of the available content assets on their website.

They needed:

  • more awareness
  • more sitewide sessions
  • a better rate of onsite conversion.

How Did Rebelhack Help Inploi?

During our time working with Inploi we focused on 4 core areas:

  • SEO
  • Performance marketing and aggressive channel testing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Data Strategy

We worked collaboratively with Inploi, using our agile marketing approach, and delivered some amazing results for the business – helping them to push into their next funding round.

Over a period of 24 weeks, together with Inploi, we:

  • Reduced the blended cost per job application by 83%
  • Increased the number of job applications by 1017%

Inploi Growth Marketing

Organic WorkFlow

Our SEO focus was a heavily technical one, as the product had a fantastic amount of unique job related content onsite. Over the course of the project we:

  • Increased the number of ranking keywords by 242%
  • Increased the number of referring domains by 26%
  • Increased organic traffic by 96%

Performance Marketing WorkFlow

Our Traction Accelerator was aimed at quickly identifying what channels were appropriate for the business, and then optimising and scaling into those channels. Over the course of the project we:

  • Increased user signups by 627%
  • Reduced CPA by 54%

Inploi Growth Marketing

Marketing Automation and Data Strategy

We implemented a bespoke marketing automation stack, powered by a comprehensive data strategy, helping to nurture and encourage users to come back to the product and apply for new jobs.

Following a period of design and implementation we saw a 17% uplift in job applications in the first 90 days, all directly attributable to the new marketing automation stack.

New Business Growth