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We’re delighted and proud to announce that Rebelhack is now RAR Recommended. That means we’re part of the Recommended Agencies Register on The Drum – and it is all thanks to our amazing client partners, both past and present, and their wonderful feedback.

RAR Recommended

Even better, we’ve been nominated for not one, not two, but three RAR Digital Awards! We’re super-excited and stoked about this because unlike most industry awards, the RAR Awards are judged purely on the feedback of our clients. Result! And mega thanks of course to all the clients who dove in to help us get recommended and nominated. You’re officially our BFFs now.

Some Of The Feedback We’re So Proud Of

“Rebelhack came into the business at a challenging time, and helped us identify channels for lead growth and major usability issues that were an impediment to user acquisition growth. Their work has helped us shape our thinking post engagement, specifically around the marketing website’s UX. Whilst working with Rebelhack we identified 4 scalable channels for lead growth, increasing lead acquisition by over 9000%! They also significantly reduced the CPL over the period of the engagement by 85%. In one particular channel they managed to reduce the CPL by 22% below our targets providing a lower cost channel for lead acquisition. Onsite activation increased significantly due to continued conversion rate optimisation efforts with pages per sessions increasing by 75%, sessions over 2 mins increasing by 111% and increasing sessions looking at over 6 pages by 116%. Excitingly we also saw a massive 220% increase in users returning to the site to login.”

Performance and scalable growth? Hell yeah, that’s the Rebelhack way!

“It’s difficult to find a multi-discipline agency that is so keen to jump into the trenches alongside and help you scale. Rebel Hack approaches the ‘scale’ question with ingenuity and agility and was instrumental in helping us properly understand our own business. Their service is something that others will do well to match.”

So much love. We’re big on getting into the trenches – how else can you really get to grips with a business? Thanks to Adrian at Bubble for his feedback.

“Working with Rebelhack enabled us to scale our growth at a pace and with a breadth of action that would not have been possible to have done in-house in the same time frame. Their rigorous data-driven approach to growth and product optimisation has laid some of the key foundations for Inploi’s long term success.”

It is always fantastic to hear when we’ve been able to scale up a business and their approach in a way that an in-house team equivalent couldn’t have managed. Breadth and experience as well as that whole dive-into-the-trenches thing, that’s our bread and butter. Thanks to Alex at Inploi for his comments.

“Feedr engaged Rebelhack to help us kick start our SEO and get both our on and off-page SEO in good shape to really start driving business. We found that with their support we were able to do just that, which was amazing. I appreciated how much they supported our internal team to learn how to continue to build our capabilities, as well as their very data-driven approach to problem solving. I always felt like they had the data to back up what they were saying, and as a tech company that was essential to us in finding a trusted partner. We’d definitely work with them again.”

We love helping in-house teams to learn and develop while also helping the business through a growth drive. If we’re able to step out but the work continues seamlessly because of the transition of knowledge to in-house teams, we’re happy bunnies! Thanks to Lyz at Feedr for her kind words.

“Rebelhack have performed brilliantly to help Ideal Flatmate grow our user base over the past 6 months. We’ve been impressed by the knowhow and hard​-work of the team who quickly grasped the needs of the platform and the key channels for growth. They are well led by Logan and we are grateful for the focus and leadership he brings through his chairing and input of weekly scrums, which are a big plus and differentiator from other agencies we have worked with. Look forward to working together in the future.”

Our scrums are one of the cool things that make us different from other agencies – no wall of account managers, no mysterious behind-the-scenes workings, just all up front, transparent and easy access to the whole team working to grow your business. Thanks to Tom at Ideal Flatmate for his scrum love!

Our RAR Award Nominations

As if becoming RAR Recommended wasn’t enough, we’ve also been nominated for four awards at this year’s RAR Digital thanks to our topmost-rated services as selected by our clients.

  • Optimisation/Conversion – because we love making your site work harder to bring in what your business needs
  • Analytics – because data is absolutely our jam, and especially in digital you’ve got to have that single source of truth going on
  • Digital Full Service – because we aim to provide as much (or little) of a marketing stack as your business needs, so you can get on with growing

You can see the complete list of award nominees here, which we like to think of as “the list of awards we haven’t been nominated for…yet.”

The gala awards ceremony to announce the winners is tomorrow, so fingers, toes and all other available limbs crossed – and whatever the outcome, a ginormous thank you to all our client partners, past and present, who’ve helped get us where we are.

(PS: not a client partner yet? Why the hell not? Pop over to tell us your business story and find out how we can help supercharge your growth).