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We’re closing Rebelhack. This was not our rocket ship.

We have been in business for 3 years, and saw huge growth – delivering enterprise level business growth services to young businesses, startups and scaleups. Some were venture backed, some were bootstrapped. Some debt funded, some making millions already – the only common denominator being they all wanted long term sustainable growth, quickly.

We developed a system comprising of technology and process, people power and automation to deliver massive resource in agile marketing – in a direction guided by world-class strategists. All for a fraction of what it would normally cost a business.

We moved fast and focussed on growth over anything! Even sometimes to the detriment of our relationships with customers. We developed deep data strategies that fed a system of reporting and decision making.

Someone once told me

‘find the number that no one wants to know about and put it on the table’.

We did, over and over. It was like Marmite. Some loved it, some hated it We were brutal about the real numbers, we did not hide the shit, we did not only bring up the good. We reported truthfully, without mixing attribution models to make the world look rosy. On occasions we worked so closely to business owners we redeveloped their business models based on the data we had our fingertips.

We were fast paced, aggressive and delivered month on month, week on week growth for our customers. We got fucking good at what we did.

One of the problems we learned was that the constant requirement for communication from the macro to the granular meant the service level agreement was huge. We needed to deliver strategists almost as equally as tacticians – this was the holistic approach. To deliver the quality of service we wanted to we had operate as an in house team. And at the scale and pace we moved this just became impossible.

When we started we worked so tightly with our customers that we really were their in house team. We even grew our initial team in amongst the amazing people of Hubble, who are redefining how you find an office in London. We worked with some of the best and brightest tech businesses out there from Ideal FlatmateNo Agent, Bubble, Curve, Living DNA, Inploi, Mind Candy to name a few. We got good at what we did, but scaling that level of service offering without increasing the costs for our customers became hard – even with proprietary technology to help.

So being entrepreneurs we decided to stop and move onto new challenges.

No one gets hurt, the team move onto new pastures and we get to take a step back and get some perspective.

We have struggled together, learned together, hustled together and grown together. We grew as people, as a team and at our crafts. We also grew a lot of great businesses.

Thanks for all your support. It’s been mega!

Logan, Duncan, Anthony x