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Two years ago, I started with Rebelhack, back then it was a five person team with 3 very early stage startups as clients. Since then, it has scaled to a 17 person team of expert marketers that hail from all over the world, managing several multi-million dollar backed startups with 100’s of thousands of monthly media budget!

In 2 years, I’ve worked on growing 25 businesses and run 268 growth experiments in total.

I’ve learned 2 new programming languages, growth hacked into 3 major social media platforms, built 4 full stack marketing automation schemas – and that’s just the beginning.

I’ve created several ebooks, infographics and video case studies, designed dozens of landing pages and more than a hundred banners.

I analysed what looks like an infinite number of data points on Google Analytics, Branch.io, Segment, Mixpanel, VWO and Hotjar.

I’ve acquired new users on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Quora, Instagram, Youtube, Reddit, Tumblr, Slideshare, Google+ and even Grindr!

I’ve doubled and tripled conversion rates to user acquisition on some high traffic websites.

I’ve built scrapers to extract data from Facebook, Gumtree, Spareroom, Quora, Angelco, Google, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter – and built entire botnets!

I’ve built from scratch our internal platform with Frankie, our data hacker – which has now progressed to a whole new level of value for our partners.

Like I said, it’s been a hell of a ride.

Learnings, learnings, learnings…

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What has been built at Rebelhack could be compared to a school. A school where people learn from each other and do so whilst pivoting from one job to another.

Because Growth Marketing is about doing everything from data analysis to acquisition and retention, everyone must have knowledge in these domains. Everyone here is expert in a specific domain AND is pretty good at all the others. We’re all T shaped marketers!

That’s how I learned Social Media paid with Giovanni, SEO with Lee and CRO with Christie. Everyone is open to share their knowledge and more importantly, is open to receive it. The fantastic thing when working at Rebelhack is that you get the opportunity to learn at a very fast pace. It’s a peer-to-peer knowledge network.

One of the most interesting parts is that I’ve had the chance to get inside dozens of different business in different industries with different founders at different stages of their businesses lives.

I’ve learned from my successes and, as is to be expected in the growth marketing space, more from my failures. Here, failing is the new black. That’s how you learn. That’s how you eliminate one assumption from the many assumptions. And if you learn like a scientist, that’s how you find answers, solutions and growth.

The growth philosophy

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  • Growth Hacking is a mindset rather than a job title. Over the last years, I’ve gained this growth philosophy.
  • A great growth hacker doesn’t take to common road, but hack their way on the unexplored path.
  • A great growth hacker puts data first, but knows when to follow their instinct.
  • A great growth hacker finds a growth lever and scales into it until maxed out.
  • A great growth hacker wants to learn everything, always thinking he knows nothing.

During my time at Rebelhack, I’ve use taken my motivation and thirst for learning to become a good growth marketer and a great scientist.

The biggest challenge is to always grow your skill set and knowledge base. I had to dive into programming, was shot into data analysis and became drawn into digital marketing. I’m now reading at least two hours a day of related content and I am always the first to jump into a new platform and test new tactics. I never shut up and am always challenging what we think we know in this space.

New beginnings, new adventures

I’m jumping out of the fast moving Rebelhack train as it’s time for me to go client side and focus on a single project. I’m moving to head growth in a fast paced and growing startup. It’s going to be a new, exciting challenge that could bootstrap me to the moon. I’m confident that with all the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the last few years, I can succeed in my next adventure.

I’m deeply sad to leave the team after these two amazing years. I’ve met amazing people that are now true friends. I am absolutely confident all of them will be incredibly successful.

The French Growth Hacker, out. *drop the mic*

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