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A few months ago I was invited to give a talk on Growth Marketing and Growth Hacking at the Best Marketing Event in Tallinn Estonia on what traditional businesses can learn from startups and high growth businesses. I happily accepted as the event looked great and I’ve always wanted to go to Tallinn in Estonia.

So following flights issues, delays, a missed flight, 2 more planes than were planned and 3 airports, I eventually landed in Tallinn Estonia in the wee hours and grabbed a cab to the hotel. I just managed to get into a late night cafe for some dinner before they closed, then headed to bed to prepare for my talks the following day. Long day indeed!

So, the following day I was picked up in a Tesla and took a tour of Tallinn! It was awesome, I have never been in a Tesla before, and now I 100% want one. We arrived at the Best Marketing Event in Tallinn, which was being held in a brand new cinema. The venue was fantastic, with large screen’s, great audio setup and comfy chairs for the attendees (not the usual at a conference!).

I was the first speaker and did a 30 minute taster session titled “What can traditional marketers learn from startup marketers”. I outlined how growth marketing and growth hacking was very different to marketing and that an organisation needed to gear up to be agile in order to capitalise on full funnel growth. It was short but aimed to get people interested in a much longer and more heavyweight session after lunch around data and growth frameworks that we have tried and tested at Rebel Hack with our partners, helping teams drive iterative compound growth.

The main headers for this deep dive were what I feel you need to grow a business, where I gave some actionables that the attendees would be able to take away with them.

  • Data strategy
  • Analytics Strategy
  • Insight Analysis
  • Channel Testing Capability
  • Experimental Process
  • Product Design
  • User Experience
  • Problem Solving

I think they went down well.

I was honoured to be speaking alongside some amazingly talented individuals such as:

  • Andrus Purde, Head of Marketing at Pipedrive – click to see Twitter profile
  • Justin Zehmke, Copywriter at Pipedrive – click to see LinkedIn profile
  • Bjorn Lapakko, Marketing Manager at Funderbeam – click to see Twitter profile
  • Hanno Kindel, OMD Estonia – click to see LinkedIn profile
  • Ott Jogi, Head of Marketing at Weekdone – click to see LinkedIn profile
  • Ulane Vilumets, Founder and Community Manager at Like a Local Guide – click to see LinkedIn profile

I learned a huge amount, even though some of the talks were in Estonian! Lots of great insights for me to take into Rebel Hack on Monday morning. Get ready team!

Here are few photos of the event I was sent, my favourite including Vince McMahon in a muscle vest! What a legend. 14976523_10154659740113669_626005684165238321_o14991320_10154659740078669_7156423916109282564_o 14990968_10154659740413669_2472152105719094891_o 14976840_10154659740468669_4495626190392388960_o 15000763_10154659740473669_5465056826438583810_o