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After months of schlepping around London and trying every coffee shop in town (as long as they had free wifi) Rebel Hack have finally found a home! We found a sexy loft shared studio space in Protein, Shoreditch and have set up camp for the foreseeable future. We’re thrilled to have our own actual cupboard space and we’re slowly getting used to being able to actually make ourselves food at lunch time (in the super awesome kitchen). Not only that, but we have a DESK! Our very own desk!


Logan and Giovanni

Logan and Giovanni just hanging out


As much as I loved travelling to the depths of Walthamstow to work from our laptops in Logan’s living room (no offence), it’s much nicer to have a base. We’d kind of forgotten that there were people who didn’t do growth hacking shizzle all day every day. Like wha? There are OTHER JOBS? No frikken way!


Carly in the office

Carly enjoying an a nice cup of tea


So we’re loving our cool, spanky new office! Booking out the meeting rooms just because we can. We’ll be welcoming some more Rebel Hackers into the fold shortly which will be another time to celebrate, but right now we’re just enjoying settling into our new pad!

Ps Thanks to Hubble for helping us find our new pad!