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Bring your decision making up to date with Rebelhack’s Data Intelligence.

Single Source of Truth

We design a data stack and structure your businesses data assets into a single source of truth to empower truly data driven decision making. Don’t let knowledge pass around your business through word of mouth, Rebelhack’s Data Intelligence packages offer true visibility across all your data inputs turning that data into actionable information.

Light Touch but Heavy Weight

Rebelhack’s Data Intelligence deployments are a hybrid of offensive and defensive data strategy. We work with your existing tech stack and the best third party solutions to provide a data framework that is flexible enough to provide the answers to the business critical questions you have while ensuring the burden on your development team is as minimal as possible.

Get Answers

Tell Rebelhack the key questions about your business and customers you want answered and we will design and implement a strategy that provides those answers. We work with data from across your business to from top-level to ultra-granular ensuring that you get the most comprehensive and robust system that can scale with your growth.

Centralise Knowledge

Bring all of the domain specific data from around your business into one source of valuable information. Rebelhack builds the system that provides you with the capability to track your users across marketing, sales, and product funnels, passing relevant actions back and forth between proprietary and third party data points ensuring that each touchpoint is coherently integrated providing insight from first click to final conversion.

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