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Build machines that delight your customers but grow your business

Unleash Your Team’s Inner Tiger

Marketing teams are swamped with repetitive tasks that are just as easily automated. Rebelhack builds personalised, data driven marketing automation experiences across a range of channels to delight your customers giving you the time to get creative again.

1-2-1 Communication

Customers want to feel connected, and cared for. Great businesses want to know their customers and provide for their needs. Rebelhack deploy behavioural marketing automation journeys, helping your users discover more about your business, and nurture them to acquisition and transaction.

Pump Up The Volume

Once you have acquired user or new customer, Rebelhack’s marketing automation stacks will engage and provide value for them increasing the retention based conversion rates, meaning more users are being nurtured down the funnel and toward repeat purchase. Businesses that work with Rebelhack waste less and drive the return on their marketing efforts.


By designing marketing automation stacks from the ground up means we can engineer specific solutions for your business. Rebelhack identifies system requirements so we can identify the range of functionality required and design a stack to deliver on that. Leveraging class leading marketing technologies and focussing on the integrations means we can deliver systems for a fraction of a custom setup.

Reduce Error

Simple clerical errors are common place, but reflect badly on your business. Rebelhack reduces errors by automating the repetitive tasks. Proof it once, and then fully automate your communications making your business look great.

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