Digital Marketing

A guide

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing (also referred to as data driven marketing) is an umbrella term for the marketing of physical products, services and digital applications (including websites and mobile applications) which leverages digital mediums and data to inform decision making.

More recently due to the growth of digital devices and their ease of access to the Internet the amount of data streams available for analysis has grown exponentially resulting in digital, data driven marketing being pushed to the forefront of all business growth and new product launches. This is ultimately because of its improved return on investment as well as its ability to make fast, aggressive strategic pivots decreasing the risk of failure and associated costs.

Digital, data driven marketing is delivered using an agile marketing approach, one that closely mimics agile development - test, learn and improve - and is far less interested in large campaign planning and deployment.

This form of digital, data driven marketing has changed the business growth and marketing landscape, making it a strategic imperative for most company board rooms around the world, from startups to corporates. The new function of digital, data driven marketing within a business is a technical one, often underpinned by web development and data analytics meaning that many businesses have been caught off guard with the wrong skills to capitalise on the opportunities seen in digital marketing.

It is worthy of note that digital marketing could also refer to other non-Internet channels that deliver digital mediums such as SMS and MMS - again ultimately any form of marketing that can deliver fast data feedback via digital mediums.

The core areas of digital, data driven marketing include: