Product Optimisation

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Experiment to improve conversion across your product and make decisions based on data not preference.

Find the bottlenecks:

Once granular analytics are deployed, and the product is instrumented, Rebelhack surfaces the friction points within your product flow and where experimentation can have the biggest impact on product growth. Agile experimentation within a framework of advanced analytics means we always focus on the fastest route to growing businesses.

Be Smart - Design The Right Tests

Designing the right tests is 90% of the work. Without a robust approach to test design and analysis on completion it can be easy to miss the fastest way to grow a business and reduce the return investment. At Rebelhack we spend more time in design and analysis mode than implementation make sure we work smart!


Our proprietary tools are able to audit and track deeper than anything available on the market. We audit your site to extract every granular optimisation opportunity and focus on the detail. From meta tags, to URL architecture, to canonicalisation, we quantify and map every action before pushing these through to your development team for implementation.

Be rigorous

Ensuring that statistics are front and centre when making product development decisions based on product optimisation tests is important, otherwise you could ‘de-optimise’ a product. Knowing the likelihood of a test result being right (aka the p-value) helps product design teams to make the best decisions for the users of their products, improving the user experience all the way to the checkout.

Fail, but get back up again

Testing to optimize a product is about making lots of small bets, all statistically quantified. Many will go wrong, and not deliver what was expected or hoped for. At Rebelhack we communicate failed tests so we can learn from them and inform our ongoing growth strategy testing.

Developer Friendly

We work with some of the best development teams in London and respect their work. We feel stoked to work with them to optimise their products for the user. Therefore we run tests in a way that does not disturb their workflows, and ensures that all tests are agreed with the product manager in advance. Recommendations are only made once test results are really worth talking about.