Search is all about the user journey. Rebelhack analyses, identifies, and designs the SEO strategies that deliver.

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Search that goes deeper


Rebelhack’s SEO toolset provides the deepest keyword and competitor analysis available to understand what you’re competition in search really is. We scour the paid and organic strategies employed by the leaders in your market sector and identify the opportunities they have missed and identifying their weaknesses so your site can rise to the top.


The Rebelhack toolset analyses everything that impacts on your organic growth. Rebelhack determines which keywords will pull in qualified traffic, how many searches these terms or phrases receive, how keywords & landing pages should be used in combination to attract search traffic, whilst at the same time ranking their difficulty. Our complete web indexation analysis includes duplications, overlaps, all title and meta tags, exclusions and canonicalization.


Our proprietary tools are able to audit and track deeper than anything available on the market. We audit your site to extract every granular optimisation opportunity and focus on the detail. From meta tags, to URL architecture, to canonicalisation, we quantify and map every action before pushing these through to your development team for implementation.

Get found

Every business should be visible in search. Rebelhack’s approach to SEO is unique, rigorous and creative. Rebelhack goes far beyond technical optimisation to ensure you can be found by relevant traffic, and make sure those visitors convert.

User journey optimisation

Rebelhack understands that SEO is no longer about keyword rankings but about the quality of the user experience from when they land on your site from search. We deploy ongoing CRO tests to reduce bounce, increase time onsite, and push for conversion. Content is key to delivering the best user experience and Rebelhack’s unique, siloed, optimised content plans empower you to create content quickly that will rank aggressively.