These are the Agile Growth Marketing packages we offer. They cater for all kinds of business, with all kinds of budgets, at all kinds of stages.

This Package is designed for those businesses that want to learn the principles of agile growth marketing, and how to implement them internally. With access to growth specialists in many varied fields of growth marketing, businesses can get objective advice in a series of bespoke workshops whilst gaining access to our tried and tested approach to agile growth marketing. There is no implementation in this package, but it’s a lightweight way for businesses to upskill and increase the performance of their growth team.

Who is this for? We find that both young entrepreneurs and startups looking for a leg up and well established businesses needing to upskill their teams in agile and growth marketing methodologies love this package.

This Package is designed for young businesses that are still in their early phases of identifying product market fit. It involves a significant amount of customer research and idea validation using an array of research tools and methodologies we’ve learned along the way. It helps businesses identify a few key channels for traffic and lead acquisition via Traction Testing, enabling them to build an early list of key advocates and early adopters. The feedback and data acquired from these early advocates can be vital to an aspiring new business, helping them shape their product roadmap, acquire pre-orders and even show some traction for raising finance.

Who is this for? We find that young startups just starting out love this package, as it gives them access to an experienced growth team early in their business journey, reducing their time to learning and accelerating the business development.

This Package is more heavyweight, and requires a business to have some level of product market fit. It is specifically designed for those businesses that have a product that is valued by its users, but is struggling to identify channels for scale. We identify and prioritise channel experiments to test a wide variety of tactics and channels for top level growth, measuring related unit economics such as cost per lead (CPL) and cost of paying user acquisition (CAC). We deploy key conversion rate optimisation (CRO) experiments on pages important to both acquisition and onboarding, reducing friction to key pre-sale site-wide events.

There is a requirement that we will be working with your developers, and will be implementing experiments to provide data around suggested alterations to product flows to improve user experience. We also work on two of the most important, and yet overlooked, areas of growth - retention and referral. We work to test viral referral mechanisms where appropriate, and reduce churn by focussing on retention and subsequent activation. It is a process that pushes for iterative learning and growth over time, and will leverage acquisition channels, user experience, retention and referral work all underscored by data analysis.

Who is this for? This is designed for those business that have customers and are either struggling to scale or need additional resources to help scale the business - from the inside out. We support the current growth and marketing teams if they exist, offering additional resources to identify and implement relevant experiments to push for growth, meaning they don’t have to hire additional growth team. If there is no growth team, that’s not an issue, as you get a access to an experienced growth team that can implement experiments to help you learn and grow.

This is it… da BOMB of our Rebel Hack packages! Specifically for businesses with product market fit but need to know how to scale leveraging all phases of the funnel. We work to maximise the growth of the entire funnel, from massive Awareness campaigns to Revenue optimisation identifying and removing bottlenecks as they become apparent. We will be working with you and your developers to implement a testing framework, moving towards iterative growth all the way down the funnel. It’s a full on, turbo charged period of work aimed at maximising your business opportunity.

What’s really different about this package is that it also includes our top, super aggressive SEO process, optimising both onsite and offsite SEO. This enables businesses to significantly improve their return from search engines by helping customers find the business both at the time of need, and earlier in their decision making process.

This is really designed for businesses that have a good business with some level of traction, but need to squeeze every ounce of performance from their investment into software and growth and know they need to scale into their natural organic traffic too.

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