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Tushar Agarwal | Hubble CEO

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Rebel Hack identified 4 new scaleable channels for lead growth, increasing lead acquisition by over 9000%! They also significantly reduced the CPL over the period of the engagement by 85%. In one particular channel they managed to reduce the CPL by 22% below our targets providing a lower cost channel for lead acquisition.

Onsite activation increased significantly due to continued conversion rate optimisation efforts with pages per sessions increasing by 75%, sessions over 2 mins increasing by 111% and increasing sessions looking at over 6 pages by 116%. Excitingly we also saw a massive 220% increase in users returning to the site to login.

Hayley Conick | Geniac Head of Marketing

While working as the Paid Channel Manager at Mind Candy we faced the challenge to build a new IP from scratch with Petlandia. After initially launching the product we could see that we needed help scaling the brand so we spoke with Rebel Hack after a personal recommendation.

I was very impressed with how Rebel Hack quickly learnt our business needs and worked with the in-house team. They built up a close relationship with the team both on a work and social level, enabling them to be frank and push for growth aggressively.

The results that followed were very impressive and the highlights of these included: Organic Sessions increased by 110.92%, Average session duration increased by 18.81%, E-commerce CR% increased by 39.87% and Transactions increased by 195.02%

Mind Candy

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