We are Rebel Hack. For us, team is everything. We are a diverse bunch of people from a varied set of backgrounds. We believe in one another, trust one another and go the extra mile for one another. This makes us amazing at what we do.

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Logan Estop-Hall - CEO & Co-Founder

I love working with founders and entrepreneurs to help them achieve their dreams and change the world. I have founded 4 businesses, some successes and some failures. But with that comes a huge amount of experience about growth and scaling businesses – the do’s and don’ts. In short, data, experimentation and working with people that are far better than me describe my view of business. Let’s make sh*t happen.

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Duncan McKenna - COO & Co-Founder

I love what I do because I work with great people, who do great things, and I am challenged everyday to think harder, faster, and more creatively than the day before. Coming from a corporate and educational background means that I look at growth problems through a different lens and challenge the team to think outside the box… way outside!!

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Lee Smallwood - Head of Growth

I am the old man of the team described as the ‘original growth hacker’(!) Prior to joining Rebel Hack I had the privilege of working with some of the most recognised brands, ranging from Vodafone to Coca~Cola. I now help the team to explore, develop and implement the most effective ways of reaching those ‘hard to reach back teeth’ – our partner’s target audiences.

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Mark Morren - Head of Acquisition

I really enjoy the challenge of helping companies to grow and working with targets to help dramatically improve performance. I have been working in digital marketing for over 10 years and have had the pleasure to work with some top companies such as Umbra, JD Sports, Matalan and Air Arabia.

Giovanni Perri - Lead & Acquisition Manager

Being passionately curious and critical to a fault makes me a data driven and an analytically minded individual. With over 5 years of marketing experience, I’ve worked both as a Marketing Analyst and an Account Manager for one of the biggest data & analytics multinational companies. I test and optimise campaigns through all marketing channels to quickly identify revenue generators and help businesses grow.

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Guillaume DeSa - Growth Hacker

I love the world of startups and entrepreneurs. I’m using my various technical and marketing skills to do growth marketing for incredible companies who have brilliant ideas. I’m the French growth hacker bringing the ‘French touch’ to the team. En route pour une croissance exponentielle!

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Carly Klineberg - Editorial Manager

A trained journalist, I took up content marketing four years ago when I realised I could combine my love of business to help grow some incredible companies. I’ve been involved in building three businesses so far and I’ve learned a lot on the journey. I love working with businesses I trust and have faith in, ones that want to make a positive impact on the world.

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Margaret Yevtukh - Lead Web Analyst

I am passionate about data and business analytics. I work to ensure we have robust analytics strategies in place that shine a light on what is really going on in the sales and product funnel, helping us to identify friction points, bottlenecks and areas for aggressive testing and experimentation. I make sure our data is clean and structured, enabling us to quantify our assumptions and intuitions helping us to move the growth lever quickly by prioritising where the quickest wins are. I work with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Segment, Kudospie, MixPanel, Branch, Google Big Query and a lot more.

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Leslie Buna - Team Manager

I have been working in the industry for 6 years and have handled multiple position mainly virtual assistance and project management. My goal is to ensure client satisfaction, deliver quality service, improve company profitability, and spread positivity.

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Frank Chau - Data Hacker

I'm a Certified Ethical Hacker and before Rebel Hack have been working as an IT solution consultant identifying and solving technical issues. I believe that data is only a word, but then why not build a story with these words and tell the whole world!

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Matteo Manzo - Growth Hacker & Security

I love hacking; be it systems or electronics, I find it fun breaking them and seeing how far I can compromise something or make it do what I want. At Rebel Hack I make sure we're safe from attacks, manage servers and also work on Growth Hacking development.